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FY2022 Regulatory Fee Filing Deadline is Extended to Friday, September 30, 2022 for All Regulatory Fee Payors

The FCC has extended the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 regulatory fee filing deadline for all entities that are required to pay annual regulatory fees. The FCC is therefore extending the FY 2022 regulatory fee deadline date for all regulatory fee payors to 11:59 PM, Eastern Daylight Time, on September 30, 2022.[1] In December 2021, the […]


Covered 911 Service Providers must file the 911 Reliability Certification with the FCC by October 17, 2022 via the FCC’s online system at: The 911 Reliability Certification System is now open for the annual filing. Failure to submit the required certification, or failure to submit the certification timely, may subject the provider to an […]

Fabric Bulk Challenge Process Underway Next Version of Fabric to Be Used for Next BDC Submission

Broadband service providers and other interested entities are now able to begin submitting challenges to the FCC’s current version of the Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric (“Fabric”). Challenges may be submitted electronically and will be determined on a rolling basis, with no end date. At some point prior to December 31, 2022, the FCC will create […]

FCC Announces Start of Fabric Bulk Challenge Process Start Date for Challenge Process: September 12, 2022 FCC Webinar on Challenge Process: September 7, 2022, 2 pm EDT

On September 12, 2022, service providers, governments, and other entities can begin filing bulk challenges to data in the Broadband Serviceable Location (“BSL”) Fabric, which serves as the foundation for the Broadband Data Collection (“BDC”) fixed availability maps. These challenges will help refine the next version of the Fabric, which is expected to be released […]