What We Do

BooksWhether the platform is wired or wireless, licensed or unlicensed, H&W assists telecommunications and broadband providers with regulatory, transactional and contractual matters. The firm’s clients, who provide communications services throughout the United States in both urban and rural areas, face a myriad of regulatory and business challenges. Our firm helps clients navigate the ever-changing world of telecommunications from a legal and business perspective.

How We Do it

CommunicationH&W’s clients are on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. In addition to regulatory, contractual and transactional-related work, our firm assists our clients in evolving areas of the law where regulation has not yet caught up with ever changing technology. In acting as trusted advisors to our clients and understanding their businesses, our firm is uniquely situated to provide counsel to telecom and broadband providers, and other entities in the communications space, including tower owners and vendors.