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FCC Adopts Final Requirements For Broadband Labels

On November 17, 2022, the Federal Communication Commission (“FCC” or “Commission”) adopted new rules that will require broadband providers to display easy-to understand labels to allow consumers to comparison shop for broadband services. The labels resemble nutrition labels that appear on food products and must be prominently displayed and easily accessible to customers. The Report […]

FCC Announces Resources To Assist Filers With Bulk Fixed Broadband Availability Challenges

Virtual Technical Assistance Workshop on November 30, 4pm EST The FCC’s Broadband Data Task Force (“Task Force”) has announced the availability of technical resources, including a November 30th workshop, to assist entities preparing to file bulk challenges to fixed broadband availability data as part of the Broadband Data Collection (“BDC”). The FCC will publish the […]

FCC To Release First Broadband Maps on November 18

On Friday, November 18, 2022, the FCC will unveil a pre-production draft of its new broadband maps following the September 1, 2022 deadline for data submission. The soon-to-be released maps will be generated by matching providers’ availability data to the location information in the Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric (“Fabric”). Following this first release, future updates […]