Ownership Changes Must Be Reported in the FCC’s Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) System

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released a reminder that all parties to transfers of ownership of registered wireless communications towers must maintain accurate records in the FCC’s Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) system. Parties to these transactions are asked to complete a change of ownership application in ASR as part of their sales transaction(s). If this process is not properly completed by both parties, the ASR system will identify the incorrect entity as the owner. Ultimately, the FCC states this could impact aviation safety by preventing or delaying lighting outage reports from reaching actual tower owners and delay subsequent FAA notifications and repairs. The FCC noted that there have been a number of instances where ownership changes were not properly completed in the system, and among other things, these errors caused difficulties in identifying the owner responsible for compliance with the FCC’s Part 17, Construction, Marking and Lighting of Antenna Structure rules.

We strongly recommend that licensees and/or tower owners review the FCC’s ASR system to verify that their towers/antenna structures have current and accurate ownership information.

If you have any questions or require additional information regarding your tower ownership information currently depicted in the ASR system, please do not hesitate to contact Clare Liedquist Andonov at [email protected] or Colleen von Hollen at [email protected]