Initial PAL Channel Assignments Completed

Please be advised that the SAS administrators have completed the process for initial channel assignments. To view your initial channel assignments, login to the channel mapping portal: Please note that you have until April 9, 2021 to request a channel swap. Below is the full email from the SAS administrators:

Dear All,
Thanks to your involvement by providing input to our portal, we have completed the process for initial channel assignments, which are accessible in the following portal using the same credentials shared with you last December.

You may view the results only in the counties you have at least one license, in a county-by-county basis, or view and download all of your PAL channel assignments as a CSV file. Later on, you may request channel swapping to other channels either owned by other licensees are or unassigned. The final results will be after reviewing these requests on 4/10/2021. Please refer to the attached document for the details and timelines.

Please note the following two disclaimers. The first one is applicable to all licensees/winning bidders, and the second one applies to those winning bidders with some, or all licenses not yet granted. You must agree with these disclaimers (as applicable to your company) to view the results.

Disclaimer One applicable to all companies: The PAL channel assignment results shown here are only the initial results and do not necessarily entitle the enablement of PAL commercial operation. Please refer to the timetable in Section 6 of the PAL Channel Assignment Procedure document (attached to this email) for the timing of PAL commercial enablement.

Disclaimer Two applicable to some companies: Because some or all of your CBRS PAL licenses have not yet been granted by the FCC, the PAL channel assignment results of ungranted licenses represented here for your company are placeholders only and are subject to change. PAL commercial operation is not allowed until your licenses have been granted by the FCC.

As usual, please do not hesitate to contact us through [email protected], if there is any comments or questions.

SAS Administrators