Hearing Aid Compatibility Reports Due January 16, 2018

Wireless service providers of digital commercial mobile radio services (“CMRS”) must file an annual Hearing Aid Compatibility (“HAC”) Report by Tuesday, January 16, 2018.[1]  HAC Reports must be filed electronically on FCC Form 655, and the window for filing opens December 15, 2017.  HAC Reports must include detailed information on the hearing aid compatibility ratings and functionality levels of each handset the provider offered between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017, as well as the public website and information on the product labeling of hearing aid-compatible handsets and consumer outreach efforts. The FCC recently sought comment on whether to exempt Non-Tier I Service Providers from the annual reporting requirements or otherwise to modify the requirement, but the FCC has not yet acted to exempt small providers or revise the reporting requirement.

The reporting requirement also applies to mobile virtual network operators (“MVNO”) and resellers to the extent that they offer real-time, two-way switched voice or data service that is interconnected with the public switched network and utilizes an in-network switching facility that enables the provider to reuse frequencies and accomplish seamless hand-offs of subscriber calls.

If you would like assistance in preparing and filing this report, or have any questions regarding HAC compliance, please contact Ken Johnson at [email protected]or Greg Whiteaker at [email protected].

[1]  Since January 15th lands on Martin Luther King day this year, the Report is due the next business day, Tuesday, January 16, 2018.