FCC Releases Auction Procedures Public Notice For the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I Auction

Short-Form Application Window Opens:  July 1, 2020
Short-Form Window Closes:  July 15, 2020
Auction Scheduled to Begin:  October 29, 2020


The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC” or “Commission”) has released a Public Notice setting forth the final auction procedures for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (“RDOF”) Auction Phase I (“Auction 904”), scheduled to begin on October 29, 2020.  The auction procedures Public Notice is available at https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/FCC-20-77A1.pdf.

RDOF will award up to $16 billion over 10 years to service providers committing to offer voice and broadband services to fixed locations in eligible unserved high-cost census blocks.  Auction 904 will be a nationwide, multi-round, reverse, descending clock auction. The minimum biddable area in the auction will be Census Block Groups (“CBGs”) containing one or more eligible census blocks.

We will provide addition details to interested bidders regarding information needed for the short-form application and the updated list and map of eligible areas when released by the FCC.  Please contact Dee Herman ([email protected]), Greg Whiteaker ([email protected]) or Robin Tuttle ([email protected]) as soon as possible if your company is interested in participating in Auction 904.