FCC Announces Preliminary EBB Program Dates to Establish Eligibility

Operators that provide Lifeline service or provide service to low-income customers are likely eligible to participate in the Emergency Broadband Benefit program (“EBB”), which provides a subsidy to carriers so that they can discount the monthly rate charged to an eligible household for broadband service. As part of EBB implementation, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC” or “Commission”) has announced a timeline for submission of information by broadband providers to participate in the EBB. As such:

March 8, 2021: Non-ETC Provider Application & Alternative Eligibility Verification Process Portal Opens;
March 11, 2021: Provider Election Notice Inbox Opens through USAC;
March 22, 2021: Non-ETC Provider Priority Application & Alternative Eligibility Verification Process Deadline.

The Commission expects that the EBB and enrollment will begin in less than 60 days from when it adopted the EBB Order, which was on February 25, 2021.

If you have any questions about the EBB program, whether your company is eligible and how it works, please contact Dee Herman at [email protected] or Hilary Rosenthal at [email protected]