Dates Announced for Inaugural Broadband Data Collection Filing Window

Window Scheduled to Open June 30, 2022
Deadline Set for September 1, 2022

As a first step to developing more granular broadband maps, the Broadband Data Task Force (Task Force) and Office of Economics and Analytics (OEA) of the Federal Communications Commission (Commission) have announced that starting June 30, 2022, all facilities-based broadband providers can begin submitting broadband availablilty data through the Broadband Data Collection (“BDC”) filing system. Providers must submit data depicting broadband deployment as of June 30, 2022 and must submit this data by September 1, 2022.1 BDC reporting will be a biannual reporting requirement.

All facilities-based providers of fixed and mobile broadband Internet access service must submit broadband availability data into the BDC system. The Commission defines a “provider” for the purposes of the BDC, as any provider supplying mass market broadband services. Failure of required reporting entities to file data in the new BDC system may lead to enforcement action and/or penalties. The Commission will release detailed data specifications instructing filers how to prepare and format BDC availability data.

The implementation of the BDC system does not alter the obligation of service providers to file the semiannual Form 477. Service providers that have traditionally filed broadband and voice subscribership data in the Form 477 filing interface will be required to file these subscribership data in both the new BDC system and the existing Form 477 filing interface.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in submitting data please contact Clare Andonov at [email protected], Robin Tuttle at [email protected], or Hilary Rosenthal at [email protected]