Accessibility Recordkeeping Compliance Certifications and Contact Information Due April 1, 2020

All service providers and equipment manufacturers that are subject to Sections 255, 716 and 718 of the Communications Act must maintain records of their efforts to make their telecommunications services and equipment, advanced communications services and equipment, and Internet browsers built into mobile phones accessible to people with disabilities, as required by the Communications Act and the Commission’s rules. These service providers and equipment manufacturers must file their annual accessibility recordkeeping compliance certifications and required contact information by April 1, 2020 in the FCC’s “Recordkeeping Compliance Certification and Contact Information Registry” (RCCCI Registry) at The contact information must include both current contact information for:

1)   consumers; and

2)   the U.S. agent for service of complaints.

Please contact Greg Whiteaker at [email protected] or Robin Tuttle at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like assistance in completing and filing your accessibility recordkeeping compliance certification and contact information in the FCC’s RCCCI Registry.