700 MHz License Construction and Renewal Deadlines

As a reminder, the final construction deadline and license expiration date for certain 700 MHz (Lower A Block, B Block, and C Block) licenses is June 13, 2019. By that date, licensees are required to submit a detailed construction demonstration and a separate renewal showing. For construction showings, a Lower 700 MHz A or B Block licensee must demonstrate that it provides signal coverage and offers service over at least 70 percent of its license area by the end of its term. If an A Block or B Block licensee fails to meet this requirement, it will keep what it currently serves and lose the unserved portions of its license area at the end of its license term. Lower 700 MHz C Block licensee must demonstrate that it provided “substantial service” during its license term. If a C Block licensee fails to meet this construction requirement, it will permanently forfeit its license. For renewal showings for all 700 MHz licensees, the Federal Communications Commission adopted standardized rules for license renewal, including a certification process.

If you have any questions, or would like assistance with this process, please contact Greg Whiteaker at [email protected], Dee Herman at [email protected], or Molly O’Conor at [email protected].